A Theory of Tourist Game – How to Pick Up Tourist Girls

So how can we maximize the positive effects while minimizing the negatives in tourist game? Here are some ideas:

  1. Employ a wingman to occupy the friend. When you get a girl’s number and later suggest hanging out, don’t assume she will be alone–assume she will bring her friend, because you met them together and they are traveling as a single unit. Wherever one goes, the other goes. You can suggest hanging out one on one, but that probably won’t work. So instead, create a fun evening by bringing a friend. You will be able to sexually escalate and isolate much more easily. Bringing a cool guy friend also makes you a leader, making you that much more attractive.
  2. Find out when they are leaving. This is essential information you should gather on the approach as soon as you find out they are tourists. This affects when you can set up a date.
  3. Figure out the best way to stay in touch. It might be by phone, email or Facebook. If their phone is working, keep the texts as brief and as few as possible. If they say email is better, don’t take it as a rejection–just understand their phone might not be working.
  4. Find out where they are staying. Ideally you can set up an outing right near their hotel, making it easy to go back there later.
  5. Get an idea of their itinerary. Figure out how busy they are in the next few days, and if they will even have time to meet up. You can also join them on an activity they already have planned. Just remember your wingman.
  6. Act quickly. Set up a date or outing as soon as possible. No need to try to act aloof or “play it cool,” because from the girls’ perspective, time is sped up on this trip. You can set something up immediately upon meeting them, or later over text/email.
  7. Move fast on the date. If the girls are tired from a long day, they will only want to hang out for a little bit. Make the most of it by escalating quickly before they lose interest and decide to go back to their hotel.
  8. Go to their hotel. It’s much better than trying to bring them to your place. Their hotel is a known quantity. They are not familiar with the city, making it more confusing to go to your place. (An exception to this is a city like New York where taxis are plentiful. But anywhere else, they will have a tough time figuring out how the hell to get back to their hotel.) They may need to be back there to pack and rest if they are leaving tomorrow.

Tourist girls are often in a great state and fun vibe. You can escalate quickly. The major hurdle you have is logistics–timing, placing, and especially isolation. Bringing a wingman will really help. Once you have all that, you just have to have fun with her.


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  1. Its’ so ironic that my up-coming free e-book is entitled “How to bang foreign girls”.

    I find this as a niche to exploit when it comes to picking up chics.Seems like many men do not get this.

    All 8 points were solid and coincides with my insights on banging tourists.

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