The power of pre-selection by beautiful women

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Go Daddy put out a commercial during the Super Bowl this year that featured a fat nerdy-looking guy making out with gorgeous model Bar Rafaeli. The nerdy actor is Jesse Heiman. And ever since the commercial aired, he has been barraged with female interest:

“I’ve actually had guys tweet me that they wish they were me, and girls tweet me saying they wish they were Bar,” Heiman said during and interview with CNET. “I have girls run up to me and take pictures with me, tweet me for dates.”

How do we explain this? Simple: the pre-selection of being seen making out with one of the most well-known supermodels in the world triggers a deep instinct of attraction in many women. It communicates that this man has been selected by beautiful women, he has options, other women find him attractive, safe and desirable. Women respond to that and use pre-selection as a shortcut in determining which men are attractive and sex-worthy and which are not. In short: being seen with beautiful women makes a man more attractive to other women.

It doesn’t matter that it was all staged for a modern TV commercial with the purpose of promoting a business. The sexual instincts evolved eons ago, long before modern marketing techniques ever existed. Those instincts and tendencies are embedded in our DNA. The success of the commercial has led to more opportunities for Heiman to kiss beautiful women. He made out with model/ actress Jamie Pressly in a music video, and with actress/ journalist Maria Menounos on “Extra”.


2 thoughts on “The power of pre-selection by beautiful women

    • It can be a tough call. You want to be open about it, not trying to be fake or hiding anything, but at the same time, you don’t want to cross the line into boasting or bragging.

      I know plenty of guys who are just known as “a guy who does well with girls” and it’s not a big deal. They own it, aren’t ashamed of it, but they don’t rub it in anyone’s face. Girls can usually sense when a guy is getting dates and getting laid. It’s all in the nonverbals/ body language.

      Ha, that article is… odd, lol.

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