How Introverts Seduce Women: The Introvert Advantage in Attraction

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Is being an introvert a problem for meeting and dating women? Definitely not. Extraverts and introverts both have unique strengths in dating.

In many cases, an introvert will succeed where an extravert fails. Here are some big advantages introverted men have:

Outcome independence

Being introverted means your energy comes from yourself. You aren’t as impressed or influenced by the external world as others. You don’t care as much about the outcome of a particular experience.

As an introvert becomes more advanced in seduction, it is easier for him to be outcome independent. He is not as emotionally affected by the ups and downs of meeting and dating women.

This gives him mental strength. He is more confident and at ease when dealing with women. His validation comes from inside, not outside.

Self-reliance and self-direction

Introverts tend to rely on themselves for happiness and satisfaction.

In my case, I sometimes get happiness from external experiences. But more often it’s when I accomplish something on my own–completing a piece of writing, developing a new insight, creating a plan to pursue a goal, and so on.

An introvert can be very satisfied on his own, with or without a woman by his side. His inner world is so much more interesting.

If you are reactive to women, being the leader or dominant party is difficult or impossible. Self-reliance helps you be the leader in your relationships.

Introverts have emotional depth

Seduction is all about emotional connection.

An extravert may feel more comfortable in the “first impression” part of the process, flirting and teasing. But introverts often excel in deep connection later on.

An introvert has a rich inner world of beliefs, ideas, experiences and passions. He can use this to construct a strong, solid bond with a woman. He just needs to learn to open up and share himself in a real way.

Once he does, the results can be dramatic.

Introverts are less affected by social norms

I have found that extraverted beginners usually have a harder time approaching, but an easier time once in conversation. For introverted beginners, it’s the opposite. It’s slightly easier for them to approach women, but tougher in conversation.

This is because introverts are less affected by social norms, which means it doesn’t bother them as much to do approach a stranger.

Because extraverts are more influenced by social norms, they have a harder time approaching women as strangers, since it is a socially “unusual” thing to do.

Being a bit socially dumb helps introverts here. It can be easier to approach lots of girls and thus give yourself lots of opportunities.

Introversion gives a man some clear strengths and advantages in seduction.

All that is left is to use them to your advantage, which is what my ebook Introverted Seduction is all about: understanding how attraction and seduction work, and how to succeed as an introverted man.

Introverted Seduction - attraction for introverts and the introvert manCheck out “Introverted Seduction” on Amazon

5 thoughts on “How Introverts Seduce Women: The Introvert Advantage in Attraction

    • Yeah that’s interesting. The mystery and that little bit of inaccessibility is one of the things introverted seducers can really leverage to their advantage.

  1. Bro im an infp. Abd it also has to do with breakibg pass social programming. It was crazy i didnt even know. Why. I was chasing women and why i was happy. When i was by myself. And a little upset when i got rejected its just the fact that. I. Was programmed. By the powers that be that make money by. Selling sex ill sendcyiu acgood articke that helped me realize later. Also when you seek something out side if your self you represent a s carcity mentality creating negative thoughts. And negative thoughts create negative circumstances im also an infp so. The only woman id be seriously. Interested ib us my siylmatec. This will be indicated. By a woman approaching me tgus us a pre requisite this indicates a high level of interest. But extroverts do every thing they do for pussy or recognition. Ive had conversations with them.

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