How can introverts meet lots of women?

Strategies for introverts to meet more women

Aside from online dating, it seems unlikely that an introvert guy will meet large numbers of women. Being an introvert, he probably isn’t interested in large social events or situations where he will meet and talk with lots of people.

However, an introvert can still meet tons of people, and tons of women, if he does it in the right way. Here are some strategies to successfully meet lots of women:

Manage your energy

This means focus on the right situations which have the highest likelihood of success. Instead of approaching women constantly everywhere, concentrate on specific venues and situations that you are drawn to. It could be bookstores, dance classes, league sports, museums, or anything else.

You don’t want to overextend yourself by spending time in places you don’t enjoy. So if you don’t like loud, crowded bars, don’t spend time there.

In addition, managing your energy means taking time to rest. Understand yourself and remember that you are not in your element in social situations just yet.

So make some effort, then take a break (go outside for some fresh air, go back to reading your book, whatever it takes to recharge). Then get back into the social mix, and do it again.


Persistence pays off. All of the guys that are great with women and have choice in their dating lives got there through taking action over and over.

It’s not rocket science. But it does take a commitment to yourself, to act through the ups and downs. Over time you end up meeting lots of people.

Take a simple example: if you approach just one new person every day, by the end of the month, you have met 30 new people. That has the potential to expand your social life dramatically.

Someone who only does one or two approaches per week will have a small fraction of those results. It’s the consistency in action that pays off over time.

Strengthening the social muscles

As I have spoken to thousands of people over the years, my “social muscles” have become stronger. This means that a conversation that would have utterly drained me years ago, now is easy.

You strengthen your social muscles by taking calculated risks that push your comfort zone, and persisting over and over. The more you talk to new people, the more you approach attractive women, the easier it gets, even as an introvert.

You get less nervous over time, you become more confident, and your interactions become smoother and less awkward. But you have to go through that initial period of change.

Strengthening your social muscles means that over time, tasks that were hard for you become easier, just like strengthening your physical muscles.

Leverage existing relationships

This is an element of social circle game. The men and women that you already know have their own friends and acquaintances. When you meet someone new, you aren’t just meeting them, you are also opening up their whole social circle to you.

So with those 30 people you met during the month, you potentially have access to dozens or even hundreds more people. Each of those individuals is your gateway to a new social circle.

It’s often more efficient to leverage your existing relationships and contacts to meet new people, than to approach more people cold.

If you can build a robust circle of friends and acquaintances (making friends is much easier than seducing someone), you will have the ability to meet tons more women than if you approached them each one at a time.


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