How to Get Laid Fast: 6 steps

This is a quick guide for quick sex. Sometimes you just want to have sex quick and easy. Here are some tips:

1. Check your standards

You’re looking for sex, not a soul mate.

You don’t have to throw out all standards. But if you want to get laid fast, you should probably sacrifice some things you would normally want.

Maybe the girl is a little heavier than usual. Maybe she’s not the smartest. Maybe she’s not your ideal hair color or skin color. Who cares. This is about sex.

Be honest with yourself. Either you’re turned on by her, or not. If your friends will make fun of you for hitting on the fat chick who turns you on, then go out alone.

2. Get your head in the right place

Toughen up and be prepared for lots of rejections or brush-offs.

You are looking for girls who (1) are attracted to you, and (2) are ready to sleep with you quick. This is a minority of the girls you approach.

Lots of girls will not be attracted to you. And a girl who does like you might not want to sleep with you right away. Be ready to let her go and keep looking for the right girl.

3. Look your best and feel super-confident

This is a superficial, first impressions game. It’s less about a quality connection and more about superficial attraction.

“Superficial” for a man does not just mean your clothes/ outfit (although that makes a difference). It also means your confidence and overall energy as you approach.

If you are feeling relaxed, in a fun and playful mood, women will like that. Look good, smell good, and feel good.

4. Get your logistics in order

Where is your house in relation to the place you are meeting women? How long will it take to get there? How can you get there (by taxi, by bus, on foot, etc)?

Go to places with lots of candidates for quick sex (bars, clubs, night life districts, etc). And/or go where you know you have a high success rate.

For each girl you approach, quickly learn her logistical situation. Figure out if it will help or hurt your chances. (Is she not really doing anything tonight, do her friends have a big night out planned, is she engaged, etc). Filter out the ones with bad logistics.

5. Approach lots of women and put your sexuality out there

By far the most important thing to do is approach lots of girls.

If your head is in the right place and you’re ready to deal with rejections, this should be simple.

This is a numbers game to a degree. Expect to churn through a good number of girls before finding the right one.

Putting your sexual desires out there will screen out the wrong girls. This includes girls who are interested, but not interested enough to close the deal that night.

If you aren’t sexual enough, you will waste your time on girls who enjoy the attention/ flirting, but aren’t willing to sleep with you quickly.

6. Sexually escalate

You can’t have sex without escalation.

Escalate physically and verbally (with sexual flirting, sexual innuendo, etc). And try to isolate her and bring her to another place.

After a minute or two of chatting, you can invite her to check out another bar around the corner, for instance. Your escalation material doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to relentlessly do it until you either have sex or she leaves.

Focus on physical escalation.

Note on Calibration

As far as calibration, there are two approaches.

One approach would be to calibrate really well and adjust to her feedback, while gently pushing things forward toward sex. It’s a gamble, but if you think you can eventually get her in bed, by all means do it.

The second approach would be to just escalate at your own pace until she shows discomfort or disinterest. And at that point just move on.

That would be if you don’t want to waste any time on a girl who isn’t going to give you exactly what you want. You would rather focus on finding the girl who is ready to have sex quickly, instead of warming up a girl who might be a gamble.


So there you go. Your simple 6-step guide to getting quick sex. It takes some effort but it’s very doable for the vast majority of guys.

Now, if you have the money and you really don’t want to do any work at all, you could always just call an escort service.

Bottom line is, if you want to have sex with a girl, you have to ask her to have sex with you. You can ask her outright, or ask through your energy, nonverbals and actions as described here.

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27 thoughts on “How to Get Laid Fast: 6 steps

  1. Solid advice IP.

    I’m gonna hit on the first point since that 1 really struck me. I never really looked at it that way, but if it boils down to sex, and a guy wants sex, and he’s turned on by a girl who isn’t super-model figure, why shouldn’t he sleep with her?

    Well we all know the reason for that: peer pressure being 1, not wanting to disappoint and so forth. Going out alone would be the quick solution to this.
    Frankly, I always go out alone. You’ll never catch me with a group of guys, so when it comes down to the girl I elect to sleep with, there’s no repercussion or worry of my friends disapproving.

    • And that’s a much healthier attitude to have. So many guys claim “I want to get laid, I want to get laid,” but it’s really not about sex for them. It’s about a trophy to impress their buddies. They want bragging rights and all that other nonsense. It makes the whole game way more complicated than it has to be.

  2. To add to my point, I feel it should come down to personal preference instead of what others want to make you into. For instance, the community has pushed the “blonde” girl fetish so much that every guy wants a blonde. I prefer Brunettes and that should be ok. I shouldn’t want a blonde just because my wings won’t approve.

    • I definitely agree. Two friends of mine come to mind. One only dates east Asian girls and the other only dates black girls (both of them are white). Those are just what they personally find attractive.

  3. The catalysts for a man wanting fast sex (or faster than usual) is interesting and another lifestyle topic all together. Sometimes it can be a friend’s recent success or a scene from a movie, all of a sudden mother nature reminds you that getting laid is an imperative.

    • Thanks. This advice isn’t really for beginners. This is more targeted to guys who have some experience and a handle on these concepts already. Most beginners need to focus on more basic stuff like conversation skills or getting their fashion sense to a decent level, or being able to touch women smoothly and confidently and in a non-creepy manner. Then later on they can worry about quick sex.

  4. These tips could not mimic my own any better, i dont know you IP but you are spot on, all these other internet articles provide stupid, unrealistic tips that just confuse guys when they get laughed at/rejected etc, it takes time, exposure, skill, and lots of girls to increase your chances. I’m a good looking, gym regular type guy and i get rejected heaps, women get to pick and choose in todays society, that means you shouldnt give up. Stick at it fella’s

  5. These ideas wouldn’t help me at all. I love sex but I’ve been rejected so often that I start to hate women. I think it’s probably a better advice to just pay for sex and run when your finish. Women are some nasty beeings, so I think it’s best to keep a good distance.

    • I don’t know what your exact situation is, but if you have made lots of effort to meet/ fuck women and have nothing to show for it, then the problem is something systemic. There could be mindset/ psychological issues in play, perhaps you’re approaching the wrong women in the wrong places, etc.

      Hating women is not going to give you any happiness. It will only increase the pain and emotional suffering in your life.

      You need to learn to express yourself properly and communicate effectively. But above all, you need to respect women as people, not as opposite parties in a transaction for sex.

  6. Funny article….I have searched a lot of things online in my lifetime, but the question and tip on how to get laid fast? Until now, never. Good things to consider here that I had not before, like lowering the standards. I can see that being big. I set the bar high. I need to lower it a little, like when I am at the gym maxing out, sometimes need to drop the weight to get from point A to B successfully. Good advice. Thanks!

  7. It worked for me.
    5 Different girls in just 3months. For a guy who was a chronic introvert this is WOW!

  8. Its nice but frankly when i need to have a sex conversation wid ma girlfriend i normally strt wid her beauty,girls loves to be told beatifull things obout themselves,,,,like (honey your growng beautifull every single moment)and she will just answer “awwwh…..honey thanks”den i strt ma conversation like “your also sexy honey,just your moves,talks and everthng in you,wish i had you beside me so that i could make you mine and play with your body”till there she will be wet coz they only have one word and it’s “then…..”she repeatly say that word so that you dont stop……hahahahaha

  9. Guys it ok to want sex but don’t just use a girl for your personal use surely there is enough whores out there to help u sorry for the comment guys just use girls like myself am 15 and the one guy even made me drunk cause I said noo hope none of u are like that that’s all I have to say thnk for all the great guys that gets my point

    • There are not actually any “whores.” All women desire sex or intimacy with the right person. Everything I talk about here is consensual. No one should be taking advantage of anybody.

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