Simple game framework: the 4 parts of improvement with women

There are basically 4 major milestones in the evolution of a guy who is improving with women. These 4 factors create a simple framework for successful “game.” They are also related to my rules on how to audit your dating life.

For each of these 4 milestones, I also identify the major “game” and “non-game” skill sets that are required to successfully complete each one. While not exhaustive, these are the most important skills to pay attention to, and these will make the biggest difference in your results at each stage.

“Completing” the milestone means being able to consistently or predictably get the result described.

Milestone 1: Approaching/ opening

Required game skills:
Taking action; getting a handle on approach anxiety/ nervousness
Observation and awareness to come up with openers and start conversations

Required pregame/ non-game skills:
Dressing well/ good style (clothing, facial hair, hair cut)
Smelling good
Overall fitness, health and hygiene

Milestone 2: Getting phone numbers

Required game skills:
Basic conversation skills
Just asking her out/ asking for the number

Required pregame/ non-game skills:
Being present/ relaxed/ confident in the moment

Milestone 3: Getting meet ups/ instant dates

Required game skills:
Generating sexual energy and attraction in the conversation
Generating comfort and connection in the conversation
Logistical management for instant dates/ bounces (where to go, what to do, for how long)

Required pregame/ non-game skills:
Confidence, honesty and owning your desires

Milestone 4: Having sex

Required game skills:
Physical escalation and calibration
Developing further comfort/ connection/ rapport
Logistical escalation (moving from place to place on the date)

Required pregame/ nongame skills:
Basic apartment quality (looks decent, smells normal)
Logistical awareness (knowing where to go, how long it will take to get there, etc)

This is the basic level that will get a guy laid and probably girlfriends too, depending on how well he executes these skills and how many attempts he makes.

When it comes to the more advanced level, it really depends on what a guy wants. And this is where the diversity among guys really plays a big role.

To attain a more advanced level, these are some factors that make a difference:

  • Where you like to spend time and meet women (bars, coffee shops, the street, etc)
  • What you want (quick sex, threesomes, relationships, marriage, etc)
  • The kinds of girls you are interested in (early 20s, late 20s, 30s, 40s, religious, liberal, conservative, stylish, girl-next-door type, etc)
  • The kind of personality and style you have (introversion/ extroversion, loud/ quiet, rocker/ business exec, and so on)
  • Your social status/ value/ position (high-ranking, middle class, low-ranking, type of job, and so on)
  • Your social circle or lack thereof

When getting to a more advanced level, we need to think about individual traits.

Consider Guy #1:

  • Likes to spend time in loud, crowded bars and nightclubs
  • Wants threesomes and different kinds of sexual experiences
  • Is interested in liberal/ highly sexual girls in their 20s and 30s
  • Has a quiet demeanor, introverted, and a rap/ ghetto style
  • Has a middle class social status with an average office job
  • Has only a few friends
  • Tall and handsome

And Guy #2:

  • Likes to spend time in art galleries and museums
  • Wants quick sex with girls that are just good enough (not spectacular or super-hot necessarily)
  • Wants women of any age
  • Has an extroverted and social personality
  • More upper class/ preppy kind of style and identity
  • Has a pretty good network of friends and connections
  • Just does a few jobs on the side to make a few bucks and pay the bills, and a lot of savings
  • Short and not particularly good looking

After the basic level (conversation skills, basic escalation skills, getting dates, getting phone numbers), the advice that benefits guy #1 will be very different than what benefits guy #2.

One guy might benefit from getting a really nice apartment that communicates a certain status. For another guy, materialistic things like that (beyond minimal cleanliness and neatness) will be irrelevant.

And we can imagine a thousand more male archetypes, and a thousand more ideal types of game.

While the basic milestones are universal (conversation, phone numbers, dates, sex), the advanced skills are not. The specific needs of individual guys who want to really excel and succeed on their own terms will differ dramatically depending on these other factors.

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