Why women act snotty and bitchy and what to do about it

Imagine that it’s night time.

You are half-naked in a crowd of people, and being constantly looked at (either overtly or subtly) by people significantly larger, stronger and louder than you.

You don’t immediately know who is normal and who is at least a little crazy, or who is safe and who might be violent.

And they all develop an extremely strong desire to penetrate your body just by looking at you.

You don’t have physical strength, you don’t have speed, and you don’t have size on these creatures. All you really have is your attitude, personality and communication skills to avoid the ones you don’t like.

Certainly, one tool at your disposal will be to just act mean and nasty to those you don’t want to talk to.

No wonder so many women are snotty and bitchy in these situations. When you think about it, it’s a wonder more of them aren’t.

You might say, “why do they have to be so mean?” Well, now we have a pretty good understanding why. It’s true that you’re not the same as all the other assholes and boring, tedious idiots that have approached her so far (well, I’m assuming you’re not like them).

But she doesn’t know that. And she has no way of knowing that (until she finds out more about you, which might take some time).

And, if you had been approached by 10 losers, and then an 11th person comes up to you, not much different looking than any of the others, and not saying anything significantly different than the others during conversation, you would probably have the same frustrated disposition.

Hell, maybe you will start being a smartass with them just to entertain yourself.

Now, you might say “well, it still hurts my feelings.”

Yeah, life sucks. That’s the way it is. Anybody who gets any level of success at anything has to put up with all kinds of crap along the way. And the more success you want, the more you will have to deal with.

I have had some pretty bad experiences approaching women. Awkwardness. Immediate brush-offs. Girls that were grossed out by me. Insecure boyfriends/ male companions with a chip on their shoulder.

But I’ve also had some amazing experiences. Girls who were instantly in love with me. Girls who loved my energy and loved flirting back. Girls who thought I was sexy and irresistible.

The vast majority of my interactions with women have been neutral or positive.

If I wasn’t willing to put up with the bad stuff, I would never have gotten the positives.

I have found that if you approach women with a good attitude, good intentions, and respect, they will respond positively, more often than not. They may not be interested in you sexually, but they will not respond to your positive energy with negative energy.

And every once in a while a girl will give you some shit to tease you and push your buttons. Usually this just means she kind of likes you. But of course, if you have a chip on your shoulder and you think the glass is always half empty, then you will interpret this as rude, rejecting behavior.

In fact you may even interpret a woman being neutral, or not head-over-heels in love with you immediately, as her being a “bitch” or “rude.” Which is absurd when you think about it.

It is not every random woman’s job to stroke your ego and make you feel good about yourself.

If you are relying on strangers (who you happen to find physically attractive) to give you validation and a sense of worth, then you will be disappointed, and you need to reassess your priorities.

Your sense of value needs to come from inside yourself and from the life you are building for yourself, not from the casual and transient likes or dislikes of strangers

Approaching women as a stranger is an unusual thing to do. You should know that going in. Expect rejections. Expect brush-offs. Expect awkwardness. If she genuinely doesn’t want to talk to you, move on to the next girl.

These are precisely the experiences that hone your skills and build courage and character. Anybody who tells you that you can make every woman fall in love with you is either lying their ass off, or completely clueless of how things actually work.

It’s all just part of the game.

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