What We Can Learn from Sarah’s First Impression of Her Boyfriend

I had a Skype chat with my friend Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her boyfriend. We had about an hour long conversation and I broke it down into shorter clips. You can hear the whole thing or skip to individual clips.

Sarah (who is herself a men’s dating coach) has been dating her boyfriend for 9 months.

In these audios we break down into fine detail specific actions and behaviors her future boyfriend took to enhance attraction, deepen the connection, and physically escalate.

Along the way we also discuss general concepts and what we can learn from all of this. Sarah’s perspective as a woman who understands the details of attraction and seduction is super valuable.

The first three parts are below. We talk about online dating, her first impressions of her boyfriend, how your energy and mindset affects your attractiveness, and more.

I will post more clips soon.

Part 1: Her first impression of the guy and we talk about online dating

Part 2: Online dating pictures and being direct and straightforward when texting

Part 3: How your vibe impacts your attractiveness

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