3 Ways to Get Out of Your Head When Meeting Women (Audio)

Here’s the audio of a talk I gave at a rooftop bar in New York on how to get out of your head, learn to relax in social situations, and improve your conversations with attractive women. These are some simple techniques you can do to open up, get in the moment, and have more fun … Read more

Introverts: Too Tired to Socialize? What’s Really Happening

There are two big reasons why introverts might be too tired to socialize. One is an indication you need to rest and be alone for a while. The other indicates you actually need to push harder, be more social and approach more women. I always say that social skills are like a muscle. Just like you need to exercise your … Read more

What We Can Learn from Sarah’s First Impression of Her Boyfriend

I had a Skype chat with my friend Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her boyfriend. We had about an hour long conversation and I broke it down into shorter clips. You can hear the whole thing or skip to individual clips. Sarah (who is herself a men’s dating coach) has been dating her boyfriend for … Read more

Stop Worshiping Party Girls

There is something fascinating you will observe in American dating culture: the worship and idolization of the white blonde party girl. She is seen as the pinnacle of hotness and desirability. Much of traditional PUA discourse was focused on her, what she wants, what she responds to, and why, and how we can get more of her. … Read more

Introverts, Attraction and True “Alphas” – Skype Video Conversation

I recent had an in-depth conversation with Sarah from IntrovertedAlpha.com. Sarah is a dating coach for guys, and especially likes working with introverts. We talked about a ton of interesting stuff. Our conversation goes to show how so many aspects of being social, dating skills and mindset intersect with each other.   Some highlights: 5:30: Finding opportunities to become … Read more

Night Game Psychology for the Introverted Man

These are some of my thoughts on night game mentality for introverts. I have done plenty of night game (meeting and attracting women in the nighttime), but I generally prefer day game and that is where my skills and personality really seem to shine. However if I were to do night game more frequently, I would … Read more

Sexual tension: 3 ways introverts can increase sexual energy

Here are three ways introverts can enhance the sexual tension with women. They play right into the introvert’s qualities of being quiet, low energy and independent. 1. Strategic silence and eye contact You don’t need constant talking to keep a girl interested. In fact, after the initial phase of a conversation, less is more. Silence can be a powerful force for sexual tension. … Read more

Emotional connection with women even if you are an independent guy

Being an introverted guy, I am pretty independent by nature. I like having my mental “space.” So emotional connection with women is something I had to work on. For a while it did not come naturally because I had a tendency to be pretty closed up. These are some principles that helped me to actually develop emotional connection … Read more

3 ways to overcome shyness with women

Most guys have experienced shyness with women. Specific actions like the following helped me to get past shyness around women and become more socially confident. Shyness results in things like a quiet voice, avoiding attention, and poor body language. If you recognize these effects of shyness, you can begin taking confident action, even if you are still nervous or anxious in … Read more

Conversation for quiet guys: low energy, high impact

How quiet guys can be social and meet women Do you have to be talkative and chatty to be social? It can certainly help, but it’s not necessary. And if you can be social, you can also meet women. First, remember there is a difference between being quiet and being shy. Although you may think … Read more