10 Tips to Meet Women in Your Daily Life (Audio)

Here is the audio from a 30 minute talk I gave in NYC on “meeting women in your daily life.” I go over 10 simple tactics to make meeting women on a regular basis easier and smoother. The key lesson here is that approaching and having conversations with women is something you need to integrate … Read more

Meeting Women from Foreign Cultures – Thoughts from Medellin, Colombia

I am writing this from a cafe in Medellin, Colombia. This is my first trip out of the US in a very long time. I’ve met a bunch of women just in the short time I’ve been here. It’s been an interesting experience but has also reaffirmed a lot of what I already believed about the universals … Read more

Become the Person You Want to Attract

It’s one thing to be attractive to women in general. General attractiveness is enough to get you dates or sex. But most guys that are really trying to improve their dating life are after specific kinds of women. If you can get some women interested, but it never seems to be the women that you’re really hoping … Read more

How to Meet Women When You Have a Busy Schedule

A very common challenge I hear from clients is that they don’t have time to meet women. They might work long hours or otherwise have busy schedules. In a city like New York, people are always busy. If you’re gainfully employed and have normal commitments, you’re not going to have tons of time on your hands to … Read more

Optimize Your Social and Dating Life this April 2015

What’s up guys, I’m running an exciting new program this April in NYC: Social Dating Optimization. I’m doing this program with my friend Mike, of StyleCoachNYC.com, who is also an experienced dating and lifestyle coach. We intend this program to be unlike anything else out there: a combination of attraction/ dating coaching and guided social … Read more

The Key to Getting What You Want with Women (My Article at Day Game Review)

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, and nobody wants to take advantage of others. That’s why it’s so important for you to communicate effectively with women about your desires. Poor communication is one of the biggest problems, if not THE biggest problem, in modern dating and relationships. In the past here in the US, the … Read more

How Hard do You Work to be Hot?

When you actually think about it, women spend a LOT more time on their attractiveness than men do. This means two big things. First, the hotter the woman, in all likelihood, the more she is working on her attractiveness. Second, it’s relatively easy to stand out from other men if you make even a small … Read more

The More Guys Are Good With Women, the Better

It’s tempting to think that as other guys improve their skills with women, the fewer women there will be for you. If one guy is succeeding, some other guy must be losing, right? Not necessarily. To see why, consider two hypothetical countries. In the first country, no guys have any skill with women–conversation skills, physical escalation … Read more

Dating as a Black Man, and the Power of Logistics (audio)

The final two segments of my talk with my friend Dexter Davids, an NYC dating coach. In these videos we talk about meeting women as a black man, and meeting/ dating black women, and the effect that logistics can have on your results with women. (See the previous videos here.) Race and attraction – meeting women … Read more

Evolution of Promiscuity – Myths About Human Sexuality, Love and Desire (video)

This is an interesting interview with author Christopher Ryan about human sexuality and our sexual nature. He speaks against a lot of myths and traditionalist assumptions about what sex is for and the role it serves. Among other interesting points, they discuss: 1:10: Being sexually attracted to multiple people is normal 2:00: Sexual monogamy is not … Read more