Power of eye contact: a Story

Here is a story from earlier this year. I entered the subway with a very attractive woman one evening, sat down next to each other. I made a comment about something she was drinking, and literally within 2 minutes she was asking me for my number (she eventually called me later that night). Our entire … Read more

Emotional Openness When Speaking to Women

So many guys spend so much time approaching girls and talking to them, without having any kind of framework for emotional connection. In other words, they are closed up. They want to talk to pretty girls, but they don’t want or can’t really talk to them. And really listen to what they are saying. Guys spend so … Read more

Introverted Lifestyle: Biting the Bullet to Meet Women

Meeting women can be a challenge for introverted men. Introverts are not social by nature, and while they may enjoy having conversations with others, they are not typically the life of the party, and don’t do a lot of talking. Approaching others to start conversations does not come naturally to most introverts. In a previous post … Read more

The Power of Silence

Many guys think they have to be constantly “on” with girls. They must always be performing some routine, teasing her, flirting, asking questions, making statements, telling a story, or just generally saying something. Otherwise, they fear, she will lose interest and walk away. The nervousness most of us feel in front of a hot girl … Read more

How does an introvert create opportunities to meet women?

Attraction typically occurs in social situations. In fact, if we define attraction broadly enough, any instance of attraction is social by nature, because it involves at least two people. This is probably the main challenge faced by the introverted man seeking relationships with women. Since he is not predisposed to social interaction, he may create … Read more