The Truth About Persistence

I’ve tried the persistence game. That’s where you have a girl who is either really on the fence, or just plain not interested, and you keep trying to talk to her/ text her/ get physical anyway. It doesn’t work. I have enough experience now to say that, contrary to what many might say, persistence with an individual … Read more

Become the Person You Want to Attract

It’s one thing to be attractive to women in general. General attractiveness is enough to get you dates or sex. But most guys that are really trying to improve their dating life are after specific kinds of women. If you can get some women interested, but it never seems to be the women that you’re really hoping … Read more

What a Rude Rejection Teaches Us About Ourselves

The other night I was out with some friends at a bar in the city. Towards the end of the night, I spotted one of the most beautiful girls, if not the most beautiful, of the entire night. I decided to walk over and try to talk to her. She’s so hot she probably has a … Read more

Becoming Less Intimidated by Women

Why are women so scary? When you see a hot girl, you suddenly get nervous, tense or hesitant. When this happens over and over, it becomes a pattern. Over time, just walking up and talking to an attractive girl becomes a monumental undertaking. Some guys never get a handle on this issue, and live their lives constantly … Read more

There is a Lot More to Day Game Than Stopping Women

I’ve noticed a funny phenomenon in the last year or so. “Day game” was once understood as just the opposite of night game: instead of meeting women in bars and clubs at night, you meet them when the sun is out. But recently “day game” has been reduced to running up to women who are … Read more

How to Meet Women When You Have a Busy Schedule

A very common challenge I hear from clients is that they don’t have time to meet women. They might work long hours or otherwise have busy schedules. In a city like New York, people are always busy. If you’re gainfully employed and have normal commitments, you’re not going to have tons of time on your hands to … Read more

Optimize Your Social and Dating Life this April 2015

What’s up guys, I’m running an exciting new program this April in NYC: Social Dating Optimization. I’m doing this program with my friend Mike, of, who is also an experienced dating and lifestyle coach. We intend this program to be unlike anything else out there: a combination of attraction/ dating coaching and guided social … Read more

Current Total Single Men and Single Women in NYC

I’ve written before about the ratio of single men and women in NYC neighborhoods. It turned out that there were slightly more single men than single women in the 20-34 age range (where “single” means the Census definition of “never married”). However, a new analysis puts a different spin on things. When you look at the zip code … Read more

Excuses that Guys Make for Not Getting Women (video)

In this video with my friend Steve from NYC Daygame, we talk about a lot of the myths, misconceptions and excuses that guys make to explain why they don’t succeed with women. Some of the most common (which we address head-on in the video) are the importance of being good-looking, and the role of money/ … Read more

Common Challenges for Beginners Approaching Women (video)

I had a great conversation with my friend Steve from NYC Daygame about the obstacles that a lot of guys face when they start trying to be more social, approaching women and having conversations. We talk about the importance of improving your conversation skills, developing the right mindset, and taking action. Check out the video below: