The Introvert Approach


The Introvert Approach is a free 30-page ebook all about approaching and having great conversations with women as an introvert. In The Introvert Approach, I share:

  • The attitude and mindset you need when approaching women
  • Simple, effective techniques you can use to start becoming more social right now
  • How to leverage your unique qualities and personality to have rich, engaging conversations
  • An extremely simple model of how attraction and seduction works
  • Why “direct” and “indirect” openers make no difference to the success of your approach
  • And more

Download your free copy here:


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Here are some reactions to the book:

I read this guide a number of weeks ago and have been mindful of it’s objectives when I’m out. During this period I’ve also found these ideas help me approach straight off the bat. I’ve been tired after work and haven’t spoken to a girl all day, usually I would be less likely to approach because I haven’t warmed up yet. But owning that fatigue and applying it to the approach has made first approaches seem like the solid ones that you get 10 deep into an actual afternoon of daygame.

There is an element of core honesty that an introvert can adopt, and if practiced results in mystery and a very masculine frame. It’s about becoming mindful of your low energy, and instead of denying it you own it and use that low energy as a bed to exchange the real man you are.Ruxman


As an extrovert, I never thought that this book would have anything to offer a guy like me…until I skimmed the first few random pages! … The e-book is concise, to the point, and won’t require a lifetime just to complete it [it can be read and completed within a day].Social Kenny


As someone who is deeply introverted I can say I highly recommend this book. The ideas are not only potent but also unique and refreshing in a coaching scene that is dominated by extroverts. What also chimes particularly with me is the underlying principle of authenticity that transcends much of the PUA movement. This isn’t a book of empty routines or so-called openers, but rather an introvert’s guide to engaging with life just as much as with women, doing so as the most genuine version of oneself.
Get it whilst it’s free! I have paid good money for voluminous material with far less content than this excellent little book.Rich, Quiet Attraction


There are some really great tips and information in here whether introverted or extroverted but ESPECIALLY if you feel socially challenged and uncomfortable with dating scene.Bossy Moksie