Taking Risks in Your Dating Life vs Sustainable Growth (Audio)

To maximize your growth, you need to strike the balance between intense crazy experiences, and small consistent actions. Instead of thinking of these as polar opposites, think of them as two sides of the same coin: both are necessary for growth in your social skills and attraction skills. Too much of one or the other will lead … Read more

Taking Action, Getting Sexual, and Keeping Dating Simple (audios)

My friend Dexter Davids is a dating coach for guys here in New York. I sat down with him recently to talk about his perspective on attraction and seduction. In the first video we talk about how to stop thinking so much and actually start taking action. In the second video we talk about getting … Read more

Why hesitation is such a killer

Hesitation is a major issue for guys that are new to meeting women and approaching strangers. I have found that women can forgive a lot, from awkward attempts at physical escalation to general nervousness. But one thing they almost never forgive is hesitation. I think women are far more interested in a guy who is … Read more

Becoming strong enough to overcome challenges – acceptance that life is hard

In this video Tyler Durden of RSD (real name Owen) discusses the challenges and hardships that come with just being alive, and especially with any effort at self-improvement and progress (including improving with women). While we may not want to accept them, the challenges and difficulties in life are what give us character, personality and … Read more

How to take action, get out of a rut, and create positive habits

If you’re unsatisfied right now with women, dating, sex, or anything else in your life, you probably have a routine that you are stuck in. You talk to the same kinds of people every day, you go to work and go home at the same time, you hang out with the same friends every weekend, … Read more

10 ways to increase confidence: numbers 1-4

We know that confidence is extremely attractive to women. Confidence will get you results in many areas of life, not just with women and dating. So what are some ways to build this important quality? 1. Change your body language Studies show that the way you move your body actually affects the chemicals and hormones … Read more