3 Ways to Get Out of Your Head When Meeting Women (Audio)

Here’s the audio of a talk I gave at a rooftop bar in New York on how to get out of your head, learn to relax in social situations, and improve your conversations with attractive women. These are some simple techniques you can do to open up, get in the moment, and have more fun … Read more

Introverts: Too Tired to Socialize? What’s Really Happening

There are two big reasons why introverts might be too tired to socialize. One is an indication you need to rest and be alone for a while. The other indicates you actually need to push harder, be more social and approach more women. I always say that social skills are like a muscle. Just like you need to exercise your … Read more

Conversation for quiet guys: low energy, high impact

How quiet guys can be social and meet women Do you have to be talkative and chatty to be social? It can certainly help, but it’s not necessary. And if you can be social, you can also meet women. First, remember there is a difference between being quiet and being shy. Although you may think … Read more