5 Simple Tips to Meet Women on the NYC Subway

I’ve successfully met plenty of women from the New York subway. Here are some key tactics to make it work. 1. Contact info Have business cards or contact cards ready for quick exchanges. You won’t have to worry about wasting time typing in her number, getting it wrong, retyping, etc, before the doors close and you … Read more

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Makes Meeting Women in Person Easier… Yes, Easier!

I say, bring on your dating apps. It makes it easier for me to meet women in real life. Where others see obstacles and problems, you should see opportunities. Most would say the prevalence of online dating and apps make in-person connection harder. I think the opposite is true. Here’s why. 1. Women are less accustomed … Read more

There is a Lot More to Day Game Than Stopping Women

I’ve noticed a funny phenomenon in the last year or so. “Day game” was once understood as just the opposite of night game: instead of meeting women in bars and clubs at night, you meet them when the sun is out. But recently “day game” has been reduced to running up to women who are … Read more

Effective Night Game Strategy for Meeting New York City Women

In the last article I looked at basic stuff like how to dress, and how to plan the night for New York night game. Now let’s look at more specific actions to take to approach and attract women. Warm up and get in a talkative mood This is especially important for introverted guys like myself. We … Read more

Basics for Night Game in New York City

These are basic foundations for successful night game in New York City. In the next article, I will get into more detailed strategy and tactics. It’s focused on guys that don’t have a huge group of hot women to go out with (which would provide social proof in nightlife venues), but rather just a guy or … Read more

Day Game in NYC: 3 of My Best Places to Meet Women

Day game in NYC is constantly exciting and challenging. New York is a super diverse city, not only in terms of people, but also in situations and venues to meet women. Personally, I’ve found that three settings are very good for me to meet women as a stranger (which is different from meeting women in social … Read more

Introverts: Too Tired to Socialize? What’s Really Happening

There are two big reasons why introverts might be too tired to socialize. One is an indication you need to rest and be alone for a while. The other indicates you actually need to push harder, be more social and approach more women. I always say that social skills are like a muscle. Just like you need to exercise your … Read more

Don’t Be a Creepy PUA

European dating coach Steve Jabba recently made this video below about PUA guys in London, but the same lessons apply here in New York and elsewhere. I think there are a lot of guys that see crazy antics on YouTube and think they can pull off these things in real life. They are socially maladjusted or socially … Read more

The 3 Main Types of Women You Will Meet From Random Cold Approaching

There are 3 main types of women we encounter in cold approaching (approaching women as a total stranger). These three types have been recognized for a while in pickup theory. These proportions are based on my experience in New York. It will necessarily vary from city to city. It will also vary depending on the amount … Read more

Approach Addiction and Flash Game

Flash game is a high-energy style of game that is heavy on banter, flirting, teasing and excitement, but light on comfort and connection. Basically, it looks great from the outside. Other guys will look at how you are able to approach girls and actually talk to them and they will be impressed. They will give … Read more