10 Tips to Meet Women in Your Daily Life (Audio)

Here is the audio from a 30 minute talk I gave in NYC on “meeting women in your daily life.” I go over 10 simple tactics to make meeting women on a regular basis easier and smoother. The key lesson here is that approaching and having conversations with women is something you need to integrate … Read more

Your Conversations Will Get Exciting When You Get Exciting

There’s an old saying: only bored people are boring. Your conversations with women are a direct reflection of you and your personality. Of course, some women just don’t want to talk, or they are just boring people with poor conversation skills. But for the most part, if you find your conversations are dull, flat and dry, time and time … Read more

Common Challenges for Beginners Approaching Women (video)

I had a great conversation with my friend Steve from NYC Daygame about the obstacles that a lot of guys face when they start trying to be more social, approaching women and having conversations. We talk about the importance of improving your conversation skills, developing the right mindset, and taking action. Check out the video below:

How to Handle a Disagreement with a Woman

Disagreements are inevitable in dating and relationships. As long as you are putting yourself out there and not agreeing with everything she says like a yes-man, disagreements are going to come up. I already wrote about dealing with bad behavior from a woman. Disagreement is a different issue. In this case, she’s not being bad or … Read more

What Do I Say to Her? Updated Version

I’ve updated my super successful ebook “What Do I Say to Her?” If you’ve already downloaded the original version, the changes are minor. I’ve just streamlined the book and focused it more for a general audience. (And made a cool new cover.) The original work was focused on introverts. What I’ve done is take the same lessons … Read more

Have Something to Say to Her – Simple Conversation Skills

One of the biggest stumbling blocks guys have is running out of things to say to women. And it begins right on the conversation starter. You’ve probably seen it or been in this situation before: Guy approaches girl and says “Hey, how are you?” or “You look beautiful” She smiles and responds warmly Almost immediately the conversation … Read more

My Top 7, Ultimate, Super-Amazing PUA Openers for 2014

The BEST New PUA openers… These are the “top 7” conversation starters that have helped me successfully start conversations with women this year so far. And by success I mean eventually leading to fun dates and/or sex. Brace yourself, because these are impressive, never-before-heard, top-secret openers. They just might blow your fucking mind. 1. Those … Read more

The Gap Between Your Physical Desire and Social Skills and What to do About it

Desire vs. Skill We have a strong desire for sex. It’s programmed into us by nature. It’s mostly for ensuring the continued existence of our species. But many of us also have social skills that are not remotely consistent with that lust. The desire for sex is powerful, but the skills to actually get sex (much … Read more

Should you talk to women you are not attracted to? Social skills and making friends

Should you talk to women you are not attracted to? There are two schools of thought on this question. The first would say that yes, you should talk to women you are not attracted to, in the same way that you should talk to people in general you are not attracted to—guys, older people, and … Read more

Conversation and flirting for introverts – my new ebook coming March 31st

My new ebook will be available in exactly two weeks: Monday, March 31st, 2014. This ebook will be short (around 40 pages), and will focus entirely on two big topics: Conversation and Flirting. I’ve decided the price will be just $2.99 and it will be available on Amazon.com (using the same store as my book Introverted … Read more