Positive Energy and Getting Physical on the First Date

The last 3 clips of my talk with Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her future boyfriend. Check out part 1-3 here and part 4-6 here. Part 7: Connecting with her and positive energy Part 8: Their first kiss and more on physical escalation Part 9: Connection, sexual openness and the path of improvement

Sarah’s First Date With Her Boyfriend

Continuing with my talk with dating coach Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her boyfriend. See clips 1-3 here. Here we talk about her future boyfriend’s energy and vibe on their first date, his confidence level, getting physical and nonverbal communication. Part 4: Dominance, confidence and good energy Part 5: Getting physical on the first date … Read more

What We Can Learn from Sarah’s First Impression of Her Boyfriend

I had a Skype chat with my friend Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her boyfriend. We had about an hour long conversation and I broke it down into shorter clips. You can hear the whole thing or skip to individual clips. Sarah (who is herself a men’s dating coach) has been dating her boyfriend for … Read more

When She Says She Doesn’t Have Sex On the First Date

Actions speak louder than words. Both men and women often say things they don’t mean, or that don’t fully conform to their behavior. This doesn’t mean they are lying or deceitful. In most cases, it stems from a failure of imagination and/or self-awareness. One example is when a woman says she won’t have sex on the … Read more

How to have exciting dates even if you are a “boring” guy

In reality you probably aren’t as “boring” as you think. But you can easily seem boring if you go out with a girl and let the energy fall. Here are some ways to have more exciting dates with women, regardless of your personal charisma or energy level. Venue selection There is only so much excitement … Read more

Why did she flake?

Women are emotional creatures when it comes to sex and romance. And emotions can be very fickle things. Whereas men are very simple (if she’s hot, we want to stay in touch with her and see her again), women are complicated. They can feel great about a guy one day, and then totally ambivalent about … Read more

One night stand easier than a first date?

Sex is about emotions and feelings for women. High-level thought need not apply. A date implies planning, organizing, arranging–in other words, logical/ rational activities, in other words not emotional, which means not sexual. The only way this can help you is if you can build anticipation and excitement in preparation for the date. A one … Read more