Taking Risks in Your Dating Life vs Sustainable Growth (Audio)

To maximize your growth, you need to strike the balance between intense crazy experiences, and small consistent actions. Instead of thinking of these as polar opposites, think of them as two sides of the same coin: both are necessary for growth in your social skills and attraction skills. Too much of one or the other will lead … Read more

If You Want to Win, Be Prepared to Lose

I have approached hundreds of women over the last few years. Almost all of them, easily over 90%, I have not had any kind of sexual relationship with. And the vast majority, over 70%, I never went out with at all. Getting rejected, ignored, turned down, brushed off and flaked on has not made me … Read more

The Gap Between Your Physical Desire and Social Skills and What to do About it

Desire vs. Skill We have a strong desire for sex. It’s programmed into us by nature. It’s mostly for ensuring the continued existence of our species. But many of us also have social skills that are not remotely consistent with that lust. The desire for sex is powerful, but the skills to actually get sex (much … Read more