How to have exciting dates even if you are a “boring” guy

In reality you probably aren’t as “boring” as you think. But you can easily seem boring if you go out with a girl and let the energy fall. Here are some ways to have more exciting dates with women, regardless of your personal charisma or energy level. Venue selection There is only so much excitement … Read more

4 Essentials for a Great Date with a Woman

Here are four key elements to make a first date (or any date) a fun, engaging, sexy experience for both you and her. 1. Do stuff that you enjoy on the date First things first: no matter what you decide to do, have fun. Having fun is the most important part of any date or meetup. … Read more

You must have fun whether you like it or not

I have great respect for any guy who takes his dating and love life seriously and wants to succeed. This is something that very few people actually do. It requires dedication, persistence, and a core belief that you can improve and become a better man. It also requires “work,” that is, putting in effort and pushing yourself … Read more