5 Simple Tips to Meet Women on the NYC Subway

I’ve successfully met plenty of women from the New York subway. Here are some key tactics to make it work. 1. Contact info Have business cards or contact cards ready for quick exchanges. You won’t have to worry about wasting time typing in her number, getting it wrong, retyping, etc, before the doors close and you … Read more

How to reduce your flake rate to almost nothing: turn phone numbers into dates

Flaking happens when you get a girl’s number, but she either never responds to your texts/ calls, or she never meets up with you. It can be frustrating to get phone numbers that don’t lead to anything. As I see it, there are basically two major ways to reduce your flake rate. The first is … Read more

The real game is panning for gold

I was out with a friend doing early evening day game in a park a few weeks ago. It was really nice weather, so there were plenty of people and plenty of women available to talk to. We were there for probably an hour or more. We would chat, get a snack or walk around … Read more

A few of my recent cold approaches

These are a few of my recent cold approaches of note. I’m including successful and unsuccessful stories, in no particular order: 1. Walking in the park with my friends (we were out doing daygame), and I see a girl in a sexy outfit sitting alone on a bench. I talked about this girl here. Despite her … Read more

Bringing a girl home within 40 minutes of meeting her from daygame

I was walking at a park near my house in the early evening, an area that gets a lot of foot traffic and lots of hot girls. A girl was standing not really doing anything, and I walk over and stand near her. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to approach her just yet. I … Read more