Approach Anxiety’s Odd Cousin: The Walkaway Blues

Everyone is familiar with approach anxiety: that nervousness and hesitation you feel right before walking up to someone you’re interested in and saying hi. But there is a flip side to approach anxiety. I call it the “Walkaway Blues.” Whereas approach anxiety affects you before you approach a woman, the walkaway blues affect you after, … Read more

What a Rude Rejection Teaches Us About Ourselves

The other night I was out with some friends at a bar in the city. Towards the end of the night, I spotted one of the most beautiful girls, if not the most beautiful, of the entire night. I decided to walk over and try to talk to her. She’s so hot she probably has a … Read more

The Gap Between Your Physical Desire and Social Skills and What to do About it

Desire vs. Skill We have a strong desire for sex. It’s programmed into us by nature. It’s mostly for ensuring the continued existence of our species. But many of us also have social skills that are not remotely consistent with that lust. The desire for sex is powerful, but the skills to actually get sex (much … Read more

Night Game Psychology for the Introverted Man

These are some of my thoughts on night game mentality for introverts. I have done plenty of night game (meeting and attracting women in the nighttime), but I generally prefer day game and that is where my skills and personality really seem to shine. However if I were to do night game more frequently, I would … Read more

Emotional connection with women even if you are an independent guy

Being an introverted guy, I am pretty independent by nature. I like having my mental “space.” So emotional connection with women is something I had to work on. For a while it did not come naturally because I had a tendency to be pretty closed up. These are some principles that helped me to actually develop emotional connection … Read more

Having an independent spirit with women

Independence is a great quality in a man (or woman, for that matter). It literally means in-dependent, that is, not dependent on anyone or anything. Dependence entails being under the influence of someone or something external to you. You “need” that thing for security and inner peace, often the validation and approval of others. Now, complete independence is … Read more

Approaching women with the right energy and self-fulfilling prophecies – Tyler RSD video

In this video Tyler (Owen) of RSD discusses the phenomenon of self-fulfilling prophecies when approaching women. He does a funny but also accurate exercise where he intentionally approaches girls in a weak manner, expecting to fail. And sure enough, one after the other, the girls want nothing to do with him. But as soon as he … Read more

The Myth of the Incel

The incel or “involuntary celibate.” The incel is a popular idea out there is some corners of the internet. (This is such a funny term. “Incel” sounds like some evil creature in a Tolkien novel.) Although it may sound totally wrong, even offensive, to those who feel that they are celibate involuntarily, the harsh truth … Read more

Dealing with rejection – one guy’s 100 days of rejection experiment

Rejection is a part of life. But most of us are so fearful of rejection anywhere in our lives, from women/ dating to our careers or businesses, that we can’t bring ourselves to take any meaningful action. So Jia Jiang decided to do an experiment and put himself through 100 days of rejection. After failing to … Read more

Becoming strong enough to overcome challenges – acceptance that life is hard

In this video Tyler Durden of RSD (real name Owen) discusses the challenges and hardships that come with just being alive, and especially with any effort at self-improvement and progress (including improving with women). While we may not want to accept them, the challenges and difficulties in life are what give us character, personality and … Read more