Where to Meet Women in New York: Places and Activities

A question I get a lot at my talks and events: where do you meet women in New York? It always seems like a silly question because New York is literally packed with attractive, interesting women everywhere you turn. However, if you’re looking for something more specific than just “anywhere in the daytime” or “popular bars and … Read more

5 Simple Tips to Meet Women on the NYC Subway

I’ve successfully met plenty of women from the New York subway. Here are some key tactics to make it work. 1. Contact info Have business cards or contact cards ready for quick exchanges. You won’t have to worry about wasting time typing in her number, getting it wrong, retyping, etc, before the doors close and you … Read more

Current Total Single Men and Single Women in NYC

I’ve written before about the ratio of single men and women in NYC neighborhoods. It turned out that there were slightly more single men than single women in the 20-34 age range (where “single” means the Census definition of “never married”). However, a new analysis puts a different spin on things. When you look at the zip code … Read more

Effective Night Game Strategy for Meeting New York City Women

In the last article I looked at basic stuff like how to dress, and how to plan the night for New York night game. Now let’s look at more specific actions to take to approach and attract women. Warm up and get in a talkative mood This is especially important for introverted guys like myself. We … Read more

Basics for Night Game in New York City

These are basic foundations for successful night game in New York City. In the next article, I will get into more detailed strategy and tactics. It’s focused on guys that don’t have a huge group of hot women to go out with (which would provide social proof in nightlife venues), but rather just a guy or … Read more

Day Game in NYC: 3 of My Best Places to Meet Women

Day game in NYC is constantly exciting and challenging. New York is a super diverse city, not only in terms of people, but also in situations and venues to meet women. Personally, I’ve found that three settings are very good for me to meet women as a stranger (which is different from meeting women in social … Read more

How I Got Started With Dating Coaching in NYC (video)

I’m going to be working with my friend Steve of NYC Daygame, another excellent dating coach in New York. In this video we talk about how we both got started with dating coaching in NYC for guys. I started working on my dating life seriously in 2009 (I was in college at the time). Things really took … Read more

4 Major Non-Game Factors That Helped Me Succeed With Women and Dating

As far as the term “game” is useful, it is basically a set of conversation skills, social skills and beliefs and mindsets. However there are certain meta factors that transcend “game” proper. These factors can have a major impact on your success with women and dating. At the very least, the meta-framework, independent of your skills, can … Read more

Dating Younger Women and New York City Pickup

I sat down recently for an in-depth conversation with a friend who has been attracting and dating women in New York for years. Listen below. DJ Aim dates a lot of younger women, and prefers East Asian girls especially. We talked about meeting women in NYC, improving your lifestyle, how older guys can successfully date … Read more

Topless girl fails to get approached in NYC – would you approach her? (photos)

On a recent Sunday afternoon I was sitting in a busy park here in New York. Kids were running around, some people were playing volleyball, and so on. It was a nice sunny day. Plenty of girls were out wearing small clothes (one thing I like about summer in the city). Then two hot girls walk on the scene. They are topless. They … Read more