3 Simple Steps to Get Women to Approach YOU!

Do men always have to do the approaching? Not necessarily. Women do approach men in lots of situations. I’ve always said that one of the best, and simplest, ways to take your dating life into your own hands is to just talk to more women. But there are plenty of opportunities to get women to come up … Read more

Guy Picks Up Women With a Sports Car – And Don’t Be Mad About it (video)

This is a hilarious video where a guy talks to women walking past him while he pretends to own an expensive sports car. I love how the first blonde girl immediately snapped her head around when he said “hi.” Lol. (Admittedly, part of it was the sports car, but part of it was also that she was … Read more

No More Token Resistance From Women?

This article on the recent “Yes Means Yes” law in California generated some controversy. It features a letter from a recent male college graduate. He talks about an experience with a woman he went out with: One night I ended up back in a girl’s room after a first date… She had invited me in and … Read more

Sarah’s First Date With Her Boyfriend

Continuing with my talk with dating coach Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her boyfriend. See clips 1-3 here. Here we talk about her future boyfriend’s energy and vibe on their first date, his confidence level, getting physical and nonverbal communication. Part 4: Dominance, confidence and good energy Part 5: Getting physical on the first date … Read more

When She Says She Doesn’t Have Sex On the First Date

Actions speak louder than words. Both men and women often say things they don’t mean, or that don’t fully conform to their behavior. This doesn’t mean they are lying or deceitful. In most cases, it stems from a failure of imagination and/or self-awareness. One example is when a woman says she won’t have sex on the … Read more

Why It’s Hard to Put Attraction Into Words

We have all seen naturals who are great with women. Ask them how they do it and they tend to say the same things: “I’m just being myself,” or “Just walk up and talk to her, dude.” We know that asking women for romantic advice can be unreliable, even frustrating. We get mixed messages, or even no real … Read more

3 ways to overcome shyness with women

Most guys have experienced shyness with women. Specific actions like the following helped me to get past shyness around women and become more socially confident. Shyness results in things like a quiet voice, avoiding attention, and poor body language. If you recognize these effects of shyness, you can begin taking confident action, even if you are still nervous or anxious in … Read more

Smile when approaching women

The power of a nice, friendly smile Smiling is probably the most universal human expression. Regardless of culture, class, race, or anything else, a smile communicates happiness and good energy. So it’s ironic that so many guys forget to smile when they are approaching women, or even to just have a warm and inviting expression on their face. … Read more

Breaking rapport: is it necessary to develop attraction with women?

The original purpose of “breaking rapport” from the PUA standpoint was to demonstrate that you have options, you don’t really care one way or the other whether the girl accepts you or rejects you. This was considered necessary because (1) if a guy is approaching a girl, he is automatically conveying interest and desire (which … Read more