How to Get Massive Dating & Social Progress – Talking with my Client Max (Audio)

Here is part 2 of my conversation with my one-on-one client Max, who finished up a long-term program with me recently (hear the first part here). We get into the details of: Where he was at the beginning of our program What motivated him to seek help His tangible achievements in meeting women, getting dates and … Read more

5 Reasons Why Online Dating Makes Meeting Women in Person Easier… Yes, Easier!

I say, bring on your dating apps. It makes it easier for me to meet women in real life. Where others see obstacles and problems, you should see opportunities. Most would say the prevalence of online dating and apps make in-person connection harder. I think the opposite is true. Here’s why. 1. Women are less accustomed … Read more

What She Means By “I Want to Make Friends First”

If you look at women’s online dating profiles, a lot of them say “I want to make friends first, and then see where things go from there.” She wants to become “friends” with a guy, before getting into a sexual or romantic relationship. Women might often say this in person as well. But we are all familiar … Read more

What We Can Learn from Sarah’s First Impression of Her Boyfriend

I had a Skype chat with my friend Sarah of about her first date with her boyfriend. We had about an hour long conversation and I broke it down into shorter clips. You can hear the whole thing or skip to individual clips. Sarah (who is herself a men’s dating coach) has been dating her boyfriend for … Read more

Being willing to let her go – emotional strength and having standards for the women in your life

I met this cute girl online (one of my very few online successes), and we were hitting it off right away on the first meet up. I could tell based on her body language and eye contact (leaning into me and so on) that the attraction was there. Meeting up with girls from the internet … Read more

How OK Cupid works: an explanation from the creators (video)

If you do online dating, know what you’re getting into so you have realistic expectations. This video explains how the OK Cupid algorithm works and how it calculates match percentages. OK Cupid is one of the biggest dating sites in the world. Personally I’ve found the match percentages on OKC are fairly accurate. The women … Read more

Online Dating: Factors That Affect Your Results

My results from online dating During my time on OK Cupid, I have averaged about a 10% reply rate from the women I message, and much lower for actually meeting up with women. These kinds of results are much worse than my real life approaching and dating. Why have my results been so mediocre? I … Read more

Online dating for men: efficiency is everything

Online dating can be a great option for introverted men because it does not require a ton of social interaction, and it allows you to potentially meet tons more women than you otherwise would in person. That’s not to say you should give up approaching and meeting women in person. Far from it. There is … Read more

Online dating – realism and idealism

Dating is tough. Online dating is tougher. Sexual attraction is a primal thing, evolved over thousands of years as individuals interacted with each other. Online dating, by eliminating the in-person interaction and replacing it with words on a page and a few photos, totally screws with this process. We were not designed to determine compatibility … Read more