5 Simple Tips to Meet Women on the NYC Subway

I’ve successfully met plenty of women from the New York subway. Here are some key tactics to make it work. 1. Contact info Have business cards or contact cards ready for quick exchanges. You won’t have to worry about wasting time typing in her number, getting it wrong, retyping, etc, before the doors close and you … Read more

If She Liked Me, How Come She Didn’t Respond to My Text? 5 Explanations

One of the classic sources of confusion about women is why the attraction in person doesn’t seem to translate over text. A girl might seem really into you, but then doesn’t respond when you text her. Or she texts back a few times but eventually fades. I’m going to try to identify the most common … Read more

Why Giving Her Your Phone Number Can Work

A man giving a woman his number? This is utter blasphemy in much of the pickup and dating advice world. “IT’S ALWAYS THE MAN’S ROLE TO GET THE NUMBER” people will scream. Some women cannot imagine a man being attractive or confident unless he asks for the number. Most men assume that a woman will NEVER contact … Read more

Stop Obsessing Over Phone Numbers

There are several reasons why fixating on phone numbers is a mistake. Sometimes her phone doesn’t work or is not available Usually this is just her excuse for not giving you the number. But sometimes this is actually true. Especially for younger women that are often more flaky, high maintenance, and can barely find their way … Read more

Why women flake: it’s not you, it’s her

We all encounter flakes or fades from women who initially seemed interested. We are often hard on ourselves and assume “there must be something wrong with my game.” It could be that you need to improve your skills. But it could also be that, regardless of game or no game, she is simply not interested … Read more

Hot girl picking up girls and getting their phone numbers video

This funny video features a hot girl asking other girls for their number for a date. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she gets it most of the time, either straight away or with a little persistence. As we know, getting phone numbers from strangers is very easy. What would be more interesting is if we could see whether … Read more

How to reduce your flake rate to almost nothing: turn phone numbers into dates

Flaking happens when you get a girl’s number, but she either never responds to your texts/ calls, or she never meets up with you. It can be frustrating to get phone numbers that don’t lead to anything. As I see it, there are basically two major ways to reduce your flake rate. The first is … Read more

Take action to get girls: Audit your dating life with 4 simple questions

There are 4 simple questions that I sometimes like to ask guys who are unsatisfied with their results in dating or sex: 1. How many women have you approached in the last week? 2. Of those that you approached, how many did you ask for their number? 3. Of the phone numbers that you got, … Read more