5 Reasons Why Online Dating Makes Meeting Women in Person Easier… Yes, Easier!

I say, bring on your dating apps. It makes it easier for me to meet women in real life. Where others see obstacles and problems, you should see opportunities. Most would say the prevalence of online dating and apps make in-person connection harder. I think the opposite is true. Here’s why. 1. Women are less accustomed … Read more

Becoming Less Intimidated by Women

Why are women so scary? When you see a hot girl, you suddenly get nervous, tense or hesitant. When this happens over and over, it becomes a pattern. Over time, just walking up and talking to an attractive girl becomes a monumental undertaking. Some guys never get a handle on this issue, and live their lives constantly … Read more

Does Casual Sex Cause Depression?

A study last year found a connection between casual sex among teenagers and young adults, and depression symptoms. Other studies have found a similar link between casual sex and psychological issues. But the question has always been: does casual sex cause mental problems, or do mental problems cause casual sex? It’s clear that people–especially young … Read more

9 Big Reasons Why You Are Lucky To Be a Man (And 9 for Women)

Being a man is tough. Or is it? American culture today is preoccupied with victimhood. Everybody wants to be a “victim.” Being perceived as a victim gives you some great benefits. Not only do you get more sympathy (valuable in a time when many are isolated from each other and from human connection). But people also cut you a … Read more

Night Game Psychology for the Introverted Man

These are some of my thoughts on night game mentality for introverts. I have done plenty of night game (meeting and attracting women in the nighttime), but I generally prefer day game and that is where my skills and personality really seem to shine. However if I were to do night game more frequently, I would … Read more

Having an independent spirit with women

Independence is a great quality in a man (or woman, for that matter). It literally means in-dependent, that is, not dependent on anyone or anything. Dependence entails being under the influence of someone or something external to you. You “need” that thing for security and inner peace, often the validation and approval of others. Now, complete independence is … Read more

Are you into game for the women… or for the men?

Game for the guys? No, I’m not suggesting that you might be gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that of course). But there is an inconvenient truth lurking just beneath the surface for a lot of guys that decide to improve their dating lives: they are not really in it for the women. They are … Read more

Why do we desire sex?

The question of why people have sex is addressed in this article from Psychology Today. First of all, it’s clear that reproduction alone cannot be the explanation for sex. People have sex well past fertile years and at all times of the woman’s cycle, including times when she cannot become pregnant. Moreover, many sexual behaviors we … Read more