Why Relaxing is Critical to Your Flirting and Dating Success – Guys & Girls (Audio)

Here is a talk I gave to a group of guys and girls on relaxation and flirtation. Something interesting I always notice is that the principles of attraction for men and women are more or less the same. The only thing that differs is the execution and strategy. But concepts like confidence, being relaxed, playfulness, looking good, etc, … Read more

3 Ways to Get Out of Your Head When Meeting Women (Audio)

Here’s the audio of a talk I gave at a rooftop bar in New York on how to get out of your head, learn to relax in social situations, and improve your conversations with attractive women. These are some simple techniques you can do to open up, get in the moment, and have more fun … Read more

Your Face is Killing Your Game

This isn’t about being ugly. Your physical looks make surprisingly little difference in your success with women. This is about your facial expressions as you approach and talk to women. The problem with the face The face is the first thing people see when they look at you. Whatever expression you have on your face in that split … Read more