Taking Risks in Your Dating Life vs Sustainable Growth (Audio)

To maximize your growth, you need to strike the balance between intense crazy experiences, and small consistent actions. Instead of thinking of these as polar opposites, think of them as two sides of the same coin: both are necessary for growth in your social skills and attraction skills. Too much of one or the other will lead … Read more

Your Conversations Will Get Exciting When You Get Exciting

There’s an old saying: only bored people are boring. Your conversations with women are a direct reflection of you and your personality. Of course, some women just don’t want to talk, or they are just boring people with poor conversation skills. But for the most part, if you find your conversations are dull, flat and dry, time and time … Read more

How to Meet Women When You Have a Busy Schedule

A very common challenge I hear from clients is that they don’t have time to meet women. They might work long hours or otherwise have busy schedules. In a city like New York, people are always busy. If you’re gainfully employed and have normal commitments, you’re not going to have tons of time on your hands to … Read more

Night Game Psychology for the Introverted Man

These are some of my thoughts on night game mentality for introverts. I have done plenty of night game (meeting and attracting women in the nighttime), but I generally prefer day game and that is where my skills and personality really seem to shine. However if I were to do night game more frequently, I would … Read more

Talking to the hottest women – pushing yourself to get the best results

In the last post we saw some good reasons to talk to all women, regardless of attractiveness. Another argument would say no, you should not talk to women unless you are attracted to them (if your basic goal is to attract and seduce women). There are several reasons why talking to unattractive women would be … Read more

Should you talk to women you are not attracted to? Social skills and making friends

Should you talk to women you are not attracted to? There are two schools of thought on this question. The first would say that yes, you should talk to women you are not attracted to, in the same way that you should talk to people in general you are not attracted to—guys, older people, and … Read more

Trying to win vs. trying to not lose – the psychology of taking risks and pursuing what you want

Success requires risk. And risk means the potential for failure. The bigger the success you want, the greater the risks you will have to take. Attracting women is all about taking risks. From small risks like just saying “hello” to large risks like inviting her back to your place. You are risking rejection and negative … Read more

Feeling entitled with women: having the right kind of entitlement attitude

“Entitlement” is an idea that has been around for a while in the PUA community. The idea is that if you feel entitled to a woman, you will perform better. You will approach women more, approach hotter women, take risks like sexual innuendo or physical escalation, and ask them out more often. If you feel … Read more

“Do NOT touch me!” Improving physical escalation skills and learning from mistakes

This is a story about a botched attempt at physical escalation and what I learned from it. It happened a few years ago when I was still at the early stages improving with women. I knew I had to take more risks and just touch girls more. Of course, things did not always go as … Read more

10 ways to increase confidence: numbers 1-4

We know that confidence is extremely attractive to women. Confidence will get you results in many areas of life, not just with women and dating. So what are some ways to build this important quality? 1. Change your body language Studies show that the way you move your body actually affects the chemicals and hormones … Read more