“Only Screwed up Women Have Quick Sex”

From time to time I hear from self-styled “smart” guys who “know how it is,” that the only women who will have quick sex are undesirable, low-quality screw-ups. They also assume you can only sleep with interesting, smart and “high quality” women by wining and dining them, taking them on lots of dates, and building a relationship … Read more

When She Says She Doesn’t Have Sex On the First Date

Actions speak louder than words. Both men and women often say things they don’t mean, or that don’t fully conform to their behavior. This doesn’t mean they are lying or deceitful. In most cases, it stems from a failure of imagination and/or self-awareness. One example is when a woman says she won’t have sex on the … Read more

Why did she disappear after sex? Understanding women’s sexual desire

Girls want to get laid. This is an important reality that eludes a lot of guys. All of that “men want sex, women want relationships” stuff is nonsense. Sex does not mean to women what men often think it means. Guys that expect to “lock in” a girl by sleeping with her, assuming that once … Read more

One night stand easier than a first date?

Sex is about emotions and feelings for women. High-level thought need not apply. A date implies planning, organizing, arranging–in other words, logical/ rational activities, in other words not emotional, which means not sexual. The only way this can help you is if you can build anticipation and excitement in preparation for the date. A one … Read more