How to Get Massive Dating & Social Progress – Talking with my Client Max (Audio)

Here is part 2 of my conversation with my one-on-one client Max, who finished up a long-term program with me recently (hear the first part here). We get into the details of: Where he was at the beginning of our program What motivated him to seek help His tangible achievements in meeting women, getting dates and … Read more

How to Meet Women When You Have a Busy Schedule

A very common challenge I hear from clients is that they don’t have time to meet women. They might work long hours or otherwise have busy schedules. In a city like New York, people are always busy. If you’re gainfully employed and have normal commitments, you’re not going to have tons of time on your hands to … Read more

Effective Night Game Strategy for Meeting New York City Women

In the last article I looked at basic stuff like how to dress, and how to plan the night for New York night game. Now let’s look at more specific actions to take to approach and attract women. Warm up and get in a talkative mood This is especially important for introverted guys like myself. We … Read more

Basics for Night Game in New York City

These are basic foundations for successful night game in New York City. In the next article, I will get into more detailed strategy and tactics. It’s focused on guys that don’t have a huge group of hot women to go out with (which would provide social proof in nightlife venues), but rather just a guy or … Read more

Introverts: Too Tired to Socialize? What’s Really Happening

There are two big reasons why introverts might be too tired to socialize. One is an indication you need to rest and be alone for a while. The other indicates you actually need to push harder, be more social and approach more women. I always say that social skills are like a muscle. Just like you need to exercise your … Read more

4 Major Types of Guys Who Suck With Women

These are the four categories that most guys who get bad results fall into. Mr. Shadow Like a shadow, he’s just kind of in the corner or off to the side not talking to anybody. He’s shy and socially awkward. He’s the wallflower. He doesn’t take up much physical space or social space. Not only … Read more

The Gap Between Your Physical Desire and Social Skills and What to do About it

Desire vs. Skill We have a strong desire for sex. It’s programmed into us by nature. It’s mostly for ensuring the continued existence of our species. But many of us also have social skills that are not remotely consistent with that lust. The desire for sex is powerful, but the skills to actually get sex (much … Read more

Idiotic self-improvement techniques

I’m subscribed to a number of pickup, dating and self-improvement newsletters. It’s for my own learning/ growth, and also to keep up with developments in this field. Most of these are cool and have interesting perspectives. Most of the time they are thought-provoking. Sometimes I disagree with them. And every once in a while there is … Read more

3 ways to overcome shyness with women

Most guys have experienced shyness with women. Specific actions like the following helped me to get past shyness around women and become more socially confident. Shyness results in things like a quiet voice, avoiding attention, and poor body language. If you recognize these effects of shyness, you can begin taking confident action, even if you are still nervous or anxious in … Read more

Conversation for quiet guys: low energy, high impact

How quiet guys can be social and meet women Do you have to be talkative and chatty to be social? It can certainly help, but it’s not necessary. And if you can be social, you can also meet women. First, remember there is a difference between being quiet and being shy. Although you may think … Read more