10 Tips to Meet Women in Your Daily Life (Audio)

Here is the audio from a 30 minute talk I gave in NYC on “meeting women in your daily life.” I go over 10 simple tactics to make meeting women on a regular basis easier and smoother. The key lesson here is that approaching and having conversations with women is something you need to integrate … Read more

3 Simple Steps to Get Women to Approach YOU!

Do men always have to do the approaching? Not necessarily. Women do approach men in lots of situations. I’ve always said that one of the best, and simplest, ways to take your dating life into your own hands is to just talk to more women. But there are plenty of opportunities to get women to come up … Read more

How to Improve Your Looks Fast: Get Clothes That Fit

Men’s fashion has a lot of different elements. You have colors, patterns, sizes, and the overall look or personality you are projecting with your clothes. I can personally attest to the significance of clothing. At one point when I was improving my skills with approaching and meeting women, I made a big change to the way I … Read more

How Hard do You Work to be Hot?

When you actually think about it, women spend a LOT more time on their attractiveness than men do. This means two big things. First, the hotter the woman, in all likelihood, the more she is working on her attractiveness. Second, it’s relatively easy to stand out from other men if you make even a small … Read more

Men’s style, common fashion mistakes and attraction: StyleCoachNYC interview

This is the second part of my fashion interview with Mike of StyleCoachNYC.com. Check out the first part in the last post. In this segment we cover: How much will it cost you to improve your wardrobe? Deciding on the right kinds of clothes to get Paying attention to the fit of your clothes Tailoring your clothes The top 3 … Read more

Fashion and attraction: interview with Mike from StyleCoachNYC.com

My friend Mike and I were hanging out in the hallway before a dating seminar in New York recently, so I took the opportunity to do an interview with him about men’s fashion and style. Mike runs StyleCoachNYC.com, and has a ton of great knowledge on the topic. Part 1 of the interview is below (Part 2 will … Read more

The power of common sense: 7 simple truths about women

With all the game theory and fancy methods out there, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds and lose touch with plain old common sense. The fact that “common sense” to many people means outdated traditional norms and arbitrary culturally-conditioned habits does not help. Nevertheless, here are some basic insights that common sense will … Read more