Taking Risks in Your Dating Life vs Sustainable Growth (Audio)

To maximize your growth, you need to strike the balance between intense crazy experiences, and small consistent actions. Instead of thinking of these as polar opposites, think of them as two sides of the same coin: both are necessary for growth in your social skills and attraction skills. Too much of one or the other will lead … Read more

How Do I Stay Motivated to Meet New Women?

A client asked me this question about staying motivated recently. He’s been doing really well during our program, and wonders how he can keep the passion alive. It’s actually something that I’ve been considering for myself lately too. There are basically two ways to stay motivated and continue taking action: (1) You have a very clear … Read more

The Gap Between Your Physical Desire and Social Skills and What to do About it

Desire vs. Skill We have a strong desire for sex. It’s programmed into us by nature. It’s mostly for ensuring the continued existence of our species. But many of us also have social skills that are not remotely consistent with that lust. The desire for sex is powerful, but the skills to actually get sex (much … Read more

Why hesitation is such a killer

Hesitation is a major issue for guys that are new to meeting women and approaching strangers. I have found that women can forgive a lot, from awkward attempts at physical escalation to general nervousness. But one thing they almost never forgive is hesitation. I think women are far more interested in a guy who is … Read more

“Do NOT touch me!” Improving physical escalation skills and learning from mistakes

This is a story about a botched attempt at physical escalation and what I learned from it. It happened a few years ago when I was still at the early stages improving with women. I knew I had to take more risks and just touch girls more. Of course, things did not always go as … Read more

3 ways to prepare to take action and come out of your shell

Taking action is required not just to approach women, but to get anywhere with them. Whatever your desired results with women, dates and sex, you will have to be willing to take action and take initiative over and over again. If you are comfortable where you are and with your current results, then great. But … Read more

Take action to get girls: Audit your dating life with 4 simple questions

There are 4 simple questions that I sometimes like to ask guys who are unsatisfied with their results in dating or sex: 1. How many women have you approached in the last week? 2. Of those that you approached, how many did you ask for their number? 3. Of the phone numbers that you got, … Read more

Start meeting women and change your dating life in 30 days

30 day beginner action program

The 30 Day Beginner Action Program gives you a roadmap for transforming your skill with women over the next 30 days. Learn how to meet women, have conversations, introduce sexual energy and more. The five major skills covered in the program are the essential skills every beginner needs to start making progress: 1. Getting over approach anxiety … Read more

The perfect pickup line: what’s the best opener when approaching women?

Researchers found that the type of pickup line has no effect on a woman’s level of interest for attractive men and short term relationships. If a woman found a man attractive, she was open to having a short term relationship with him, regardless of his opening line. By contrast, direct openers were preferred by women for … Read more