How to Talk to Busy Women in New York City

In a city where everyone is busy with work, friends and countless social events, it can be hard to stand out. I’ve noticed that the very attractive women also tend to be busy women in NYC. Prepare yourself to meet an attractive woman who might be rushing between meetings, running late for class, or going to … Read more

If She Liked Me, How Come She Didn’t Respond to My Text? 5 Explanations

One of the classic sources of confusion about women is why the attraction in person doesn’t seem to translate over text. A girl might seem really into you, but then doesn’t respond when you text her. Or she texts back a few times but eventually fades. I’m going to try to identify the most common … Read more

Do Women Know What They Want?

Women’s sexuality is more complicated than men’s. Studies have found that physical arousal in the form of blood flow to the vagina, lubrication and swelling in the genital area are triggered by viewing various kinds of sexual imagery (including heterosexual sex scenes, lesbian and gay scenes, and even animals mating). However, when the women are … Read more

Why She Won’t Have Sex With You – Reasons Why Girls Don’t Sleep With Guys

Men are pretty simple. As long as the girl is hot and she’s open to it, he will be more than happy to have sex. But women are more complex, both for why they have sex as well as why they don’t have sex. A man being “attractive” in a general sense is not always … Read more