Excuses that Guys Make for Not Getting Women (video)

In this video with my friend Steve from NYC Daygame, we talk about a lot of the myths, misconceptions and excuses that guys make to explain why they don’t succeed with women. Some of the most common (which we address head-on in the video) are the importance of being good-looking, and the role of money/ … Read more

Common Challenges for Beginners Approaching Women (video)

I had a great conversation with my friend Steve from NYC Daygame about the obstacles that a lot of guys face when they start trying to be more social, approaching women and having conversations. We talk about the importance of improving your conversation skills, developing the right mindset, and taking action. Check out the video below:

How I Got Started With Dating Coaching in NYC (video)

I’m going to be working with my friend Steve of NYC Daygame, another excellent dating coach in New York. In this video we talk about how we both got started with dating coaching in NYC for guys. I started working on my dating life seriously in 2009 (I was in college at the time). Things really took … Read more

Guy Picks Up Women With a Sports Car – And Don’t Be Mad About it (video)

This is a hilarious video where a guy talks to women walking past him while he pretends to own an expensive sports car. I love how the first blonde girl immediately snapped her head around when he said “hi.” Lol. (Admittedly, part of it was the sports car, but part of it was also that she was … Read more

Don’t Be a Creepy PUA

European dating coach Steve Jabba recently made this video below about PUA guys in London, but the same lessons apply here in New York and elsewhere. I think there are a lot of guys that see crazy antics on YouTube and think they can pull off these things in real life. They are socially maladjusted or socially … Read more

Positive Energy and Getting Physical on the First Date

The last 3 clips of my talk with Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her future boyfriend. Check out part 1-3 here and part 4-6 here. Part 7: Connecting with her and positive energy Part 8: Their first kiss and more on physical escalation Part 9: Connection, sexual openness and the path of improvement

Sarah’s First Date With Her Boyfriend

Continuing with my talk with dating coach Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her boyfriend. See clips 1-3 here. Here we talk about her future boyfriend’s energy and vibe on their first date, his confidence level, getting physical and nonverbal communication. Part 4: Dominance, confidence and good energy Part 5: Getting physical on the first date … Read more

Asking 100 Girls to Have Sex in Las Vegas

A while back I wrote about a social experiment where a guy approached 100 women and asked them to have sex. Although he did not get any definite yes responses, he did get a sizable number of positive responses which, to anyone who understands attraction and social norms, is pretty significant. Here (below) is a different … Read more

What We Can Learn from Sarah’s First Impression of Her Boyfriend

I had a Skype chat with my friend Sarah of IntrovertedAlpha.com about her first date with her boyfriend. We had about an hour long conversation and I broke it down into shorter clips. You can hear the whole thing or skip to individual clips. Sarah (who is herself a men’s dating coach) has been dating her boyfriend for … Read more