What Do I Say to Her?


I wrote this ebook to help guys like you meet, talk to and flirt with beautiful women.

Maybe you don’t know the right thing to say. Maybe you don’t know how to flirt.

Maybe your conversations are just boring. You always land in the friend zone or lack sexual energy.

If any of that sounds familiar…

Download “What Do I Say to Her?” and you’ll learn:

  • The best and EASIEST way to start a conversation with a hot girl
  • How to go beyond “chitchat” and actually connect with her
  • SIMPLE tactics to start flirting with girls NOW
  • How to turn up the heat and create sexual energy smoothly
  • Why you DON’T need manipulative tactics to get women interested
  • Why your natural personality is your biggest asset, and how to leverage it…

Download “What Do I Say to Her?” and you will also get examples of dialogues I actually had with women who I met, from being a total stranger to going out on a date.

(I actually print the conversations, word for word, and give you a detailed breakdown of what is happening and how I am building attraction.)

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