How Hard do You Work to be Hot?

When you actually think about it, women spend a LOT more time on their attractiveness than men do. This means two big things. First, the hotter the woman, in all likelihood, the more she is working on her attractiveness. Second, it’s relatively easy to stand out from other men if you make even a small … Read more

Make Her Wet with Your Words: Sexual Conversation

I got a great question recently on my feedback form: Can you demonstrate some ways to get her pussy wet while I’m talking to her? Most guys have very safe and comfortable conversations with women. They are deathly afraid of taking a risk and pushing things in a sexual direction. The underlying fear or hesitation … Read more

Your Face is Killing Your Game

This isn’t about being ugly. Your physical looks make surprisingly little difference in your success with women. This is about your facial expressions as you approach and talk to women. The problem with the face The face is the first thing people see when they look at you. Whatever expression you have on your face in that split … Read more

Why Giving Her Your Phone Number Can Work

A man giving a woman his number? This is utter blasphemy in much of the pickup and dating advice world. “IT’S ALWAYS THE MAN’S ROLE TO GET THE NUMBER” people will scream. Some women cannot imagine a man being attractive or confident unless he asks for the number. Most men assume that a woman will NEVER contact … Read more

Stop Obsessing Over Phone Numbers

There are several reasons why fixating on phone numbers is a mistake. Sometimes her phone doesn’t work or is not available Usually this is just her excuse for not giving you the number. But sometimes this is actually true. Especially for younger women that are often more flaky, high maintenance, and can barely find their way … Read more

My Top 7, Ultimate, Super-Amazing PUA Openers for 2014

The BEST New PUA openers… These are the “top 7″ conversation starters that have helped me successfully start conversations with women this year so far. And by success I mean eventually leading to fun dates and/or sex. Brace yourself, because these are impressive, never-before-heard, top-secret openers. They just might blow your fucking mind. 1. Those … Read more

No More Token Resistance From Women?

This article on the recent “Yes Means Yes” law in California generated some controversy. It features a letter from a recent male college graduate. He talks about an experience with a woman he went out with: One night I ended up back in a girl’s room after a first date… She had invited me in and … Read more

Are Direct Openers Better in the Day Than the Night?

In general, the “opener” (or conversation starter) that you use does not really matter. What matters is that you are speaking genuinely and from your heart. If you feel like opening indirect by complimenting her earrings, then do that. If you feel like just expressing your appreciation of her beauty, do that. But there was … Read more