Why it’s hard to put attraction into words

We have all seen naturals who are great with women. Ask them how they do it and they tend to say the same things: “I’m just being myself,” or “Just walk up and talk to her, dude.” We know that asking women for romantic advice can be unreliable, even frustrating. We get mixed messages, or even no real … Read more

Do you have to be fake or play games to get women?

Playing games vs. Being natural. Getting better with women and dating often feels “fake.” It feels like you are not acting “natural” or normal. So guys often decide: “Man, this stuff is so complicated! The only way to get women is to play games and act like something you are not!” It feels like this for the same reason anything feels … Read more

Topless girl fails to get approached in NYC – would you approach her? (photos)

On a recent Sunday afternoon I was sitting in a busy park here in New York. Kids were running around, some people were playing volleyball, and so on. It was a nice sunny day. Plenty of girls were out wearing small clothes (one thing I like about summer in the city). Then two hot girls walk on the scene. They are topless. They … Read more

Idiotic self-improvement techniques

I’m subscribed to a number of pickup, dating and self-improvement newsletters. It’s for my own learning/ growth, and also to keep up with developments in this field. Most of these are cool and have interesting perspectives. Most of the time they are thought-provoking. Sometimes I disagree with them. And every once in a while there is … Read more

From no women to lots of women: seduction on the margins and dating black swans

The ebbs and flows of dating and seduction I’m a fairly lazy person when it comes to seduction and meeting women (and with other things in life). I tend to do what I have to, in order to get some result, and then I sit back and relax. I can go for weeks hanging out … Read more

How to have exciting dates even if you are a “boring” guy

In reality you probably aren’t as “boring” as you think. But you can easily seem boring if you go out with a girl and let the energy fall. Here are some ways to have more exciting dates with women, regardless of your personal charisma or energy level. Venue selection There is only so much excitement … Read more

Night game psychology for the introverted man

These are some of my thoughts on night game mentality for introverts. I have done plenty of night game (meeting and attracting women in the nighttime), but I generally prefer day game and that is where my skills and personality really seem to shine. However if I were to do night game more frequently, I would … Read more

Sexual tension: 3 ways introverts can increase sexual energy

Here are three ways introverts can enhance the sexual tension with women. They play right into the introvert’s qualities of being quiet, low energy and independent. 1. Strategic silence and eye contact You don’t need constant talking to keep a girl interested. In fact, after the initial phase of a conversation, less is more. Silence can be a powerful force for sexual tension. … Read more

Emotional connection with women even if you are an independent guy

Being an introverted guy, I am pretty independent by nature. I like having my mental “space.” So emotional connection with women is something I had to work on. For a while it did not come naturally because I had a tendency to be pretty closed up. These are some principles that helped me to actually develop emotional connection … Read more

Men’s style, common fashion mistakes and attraction: StyleCoachNYC interview

This is the second part of my fashion interview with Mike of StyleCoachNYC.com. Check out the first part in the last post. In this segment we cover: How much will it cost you to improve your wardrobe? Deciding on the right kinds of clothes to get Paying attention to the fit of your clothes Tailoring your clothes The top 3 … Read more