Approach Anxiety’s Odd Cousin: The Walkaway Blues

Everyone is familiar with approach anxiety: that nervousness and hesitation you feel right before walking up to someone you’re interested in and saying hi. But there is a flip side to approach anxiety. I call it the “Walkaway Blues.” Whereas approach anxiety affects you before you approach a woman, the walkaway blues affect you after, … Read more

The Truth About Persistence

I’ve tried the persistence game. That’s where you have a girl who is either really on the fence, or just plain not interested, and you keep trying to talk to her/ text her/ get physical anyway. It doesn’t work. I have enough experience now to say that, contrary to what many might say, persistence with an individual … Read more

Become the Person You Want to Attract

It’s one thing to be attractive to women in general. General attractiveness is enough to get you dates or sex. But most guys that are really trying to improve their dating life are after specific kinds of women. If you can get some women interested, but it never seems to be the women that you’re really hoping … Read more

What a Rude Rejection Teaches Us About Ourselves

The other night I was out with some friends at a bar in the city. Towards the end of the night, I spotted one of the most beautiful girls, if not the most beautiful, of the entire night. I decided to walk over and try to talk to her. She’s so hot she probably has a … Read more

Kill the Ego to Attract Women

What is your “ego”? Ego has different definitions. My definition of “ego” is: your false sense of self or identity, along with the feelings and beliefs associated with it. I’m not spiritual, but a lot of this discussion is inspired by the writings of Ekhart Tolle. When you think about it, the ego is the source of countless problems … Read more

Your Conversations Will Get Exciting When You Get Exciting

There’s an old saying: only bored people are boring. Your conversations with women are a direct reflection of you and your personality. Of course, some women just don’t want to talk, or they are just boring people with poor conversation skills. But for the most part, if you find your conversations are dull, flat and dry, time and time … Read more

How to Improve Your Looks Fast: Get Clothes That Fit

Men’s fashion has a lot of different elements. You have colors, patterns, sizes, and the overall look or personality you are projecting with your clothes. I can personally attest to the significance of clothing. At one point when I was improving my skills with approaching and meeting women, I made a big change to the way I … Read more

Becoming Less Intimidated by Women

Why are women so scary? When you see a hot girl, you suddenly get nervous, tense or hesitant. When this happens over and over, it becomes a pattern. Over time, just walking up and talking to an attractive girl becomes a monumental undertaking. Some guys never get a handle on this issue, and live their lives constantly … Read more

If She Liked Me, How Come She Didn’t Respond to My Text? 5 Explanations

One of the classic sources of confusion about women is why the attraction in person doesn’t seem to translate over text. A girl might seem really into you, but then doesn’t respond when you text her. Or she texts back a few times but eventually fades. I’m going to try to identify the most common … Read more