What Do I Say to Her? The Simple Guide to Conversation & Flirting

You see a beautiful woman, but what do you say to her?

How do you start a conversation? How do you make it interesting and personal? How do you flirt with her?WDISTH-ver2-cover

Guys have trouble with these questions all the time. You may not know the right thing to say. You may not be skilled at flirting or generating sexual interest.

This book gives you the information you need to have compelling and interesting conversations with women, and to flirt with women and increase sexual energy.

By employing simple concepts like leading, observing the situation, risk-taking, persistence, and being honest and genuine, you can have fun, flirtatious conversations with women easily.

This ebook contains useful ideas, practical examples and recommendations, and actual real-life dialogues that the author has had with attractive women.

“What Do I Say to Her?” will help you converse, flirt with and attract beautiful women.

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