Common Challenges for Beginners Approaching Women (video)

I had a great conversation with my friend Steve from NYC Daygame about the obstacles that a lot of guys face when they start trying to be more social, approaching women and having conversations. We talk about the importance of improving your conversation skills, developing the right mindset, and taking action. Check out the video below:

Let Go of the Need for Perfection

There is an old saying: Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. The desire to make everything perfect when you approach a girl, take her out on a date, or do pretty much anything else, is the kiss of death. Rather than motivating you to do your best, the need to make it “perfect” … Read more

The Key to Getting What You Want with Women (My Article at Day Game Review)

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, and nobody wants to take advantage of others. That’s why it’s so important for you to communicate effectively with women about your desires. Poor communication is one of the biggest problems, if not THE biggest problem, in modern dating and relationships. In the past here in the US, the … Read more

Effective Night Game Strategy for Meeting New York City Women

In the last article I looked at basic stuff like how to dress, and how to plan the night for New York night game. Now let’s look at more specific actions to take to approach and attract women. Warm up and get in a talkative mood This is especially important for introverted guys like myself. We … Read more

Basics for Night Game in New York City

These are basic foundations for successful night game in New York City. In the next article, I will get into more detailed strategy and tactics. It’s focused on guys that don’t have a huge group of hot women to go out with (which would provide social proof in nightlife venues), but rather just a guy or … Read more

How to Handle a Disagreement with a Woman

Disagreements are inevitable in dating and relationships. As long as you are putting yourself out there and not agreeing with everything she says like a yes-man, disagreements are going to come up. I already wrote about dealing with bad behavior from a woman. Disagreement is a different issue. In this case, she’s not being bad or … Read more

What Do I Say to Her? Updated Version

I’ve updated my super successful ebook “What Do I Say to Her?” If you’ve already downloaded the original version, the changes are minor. I’ve just streamlined the book and focused it more for a general audience. (And made a cool new cover.) The original work was focused on introverts. What I’ve done is take the same lessons … Read more

How to Get Laid on New Years Eve and Other Big Events

Since New Years Eve is here, I thought I would give some thought to this popular topic. This advice incorporates what I’ve already discussed for getting laid quick and the challenges of holidays. Warm up and get some momentum You can’t expect to just show up and have some girl fall on your dick. While this absolutely can happen, … Read more

Day Game in NYC: 3 of My Best Places to Meet Women

Day game in NYC is constantly exciting and challenging. New York is a super diverse city, not only in terms of people, but also in situations and venues to meet women. Personally, I’ve found that three settings are very good for me to meet women as a stranger (which is different from meeting women in social … Read more

How I Got Started With Dating Coaching in NYC (video)

I’m going to be working with my friend Steve of NYC Daygame, another excellent dating coach in New York. In this video we talk about how we both got started with dating coaching in NYC for guys. I started working on my dating life seriously in 2009 (I was in college at the time). Things really took … Read more