Dating as a Black Man, and the Power of Logistics (audio)

The final two segments of my talk with my friend Dexter Davids, an NYC dating coach. In these videos we talk about meeting women as a black man, and meeting/ dating black women, and the effect that logistics can have on your results with women. (See the previous videos here.) Race and attraction – meeting women … Read more

Taking Action, Getting Sexual, and Keeping Dating Simple (audios)

My friend Dexter Davids is a dating coach for guys here in New York. I sat down with him recently to talk about his perspective on attraction and seduction. In the first video we talk about how to stop thinking so much and actually start taking action. In the second video we talk about getting … Read more

The Biggest Realization from PUA Routines

One reason I always shied away from “pickup routines” is because I have always been able to talk about things I was interested in. If you watch how the old PUA routines went, you will notice something: it’s not really about the verbal routine, it’s about the vibe and energy being projected. (Here is Neil Strauss … Read more

The 3 Main Types of Women You Will Meet From Random Cold Approaching

There are 3 main types of women we encounter in cold approaching (approaching women as a total stranger). These three types have been recognized for a while in pickup theory. These proportions are based on my experience in New York. It will necessarily vary from city to city. It will also vary depending on the amount … Read more

When She Says She Doesn’t Have Sex On the First Date

Actions speak louder than words. Both men and women often say things they don’t mean, or that don’t fully conform to their behavior. This doesn’t mean they are lying or deceitful. In most cases, it stems from a failure of imagination and/or self-awareness. One example is when a woman says she won’t have sex on the … Read more

Does Casual Sex Cause Depression?

A study last year found a connection between casual sex among teenagers and young adults, and depression symptoms. Other studies have found a similar link between casual sex and psychological issues. But the question has always been: does casual sex cause mental problems, or do mental problems cause casual sex? It’s clear that people–especially young … Read more

Approach Addiction and Flash Game

Flash game is a high-energy style of game that is heavy on banter, flirting, teasing and excitement, but light on comfort and connection. Basically, it looks great from the outside. Other guys will look at how you are able to approach girls and actually talk to them and they will be impressed. They will give … Read more

Evolution of Promiscuity – Myths About Human Sexuality, Love and Desire (video)

This is an interesting interview with author Christopher Ryan about human sexuality and our sexual nature. He speaks against a lot of myths and traditionalist assumptions about what sex is for and the role it serves. Among other interesting points, they discuss: 1:10: Being sexually attracted to multiple people is normal 2:00: Sexual monogamy is not … Read more

Boring Conversations That Go Nowhere? Start Leading

Leading means setting the tone or the overall direction of the conversation. Leading things, especially at the beginning when you first approach a woman, is extremely powerful. And it can be the difference between consistent success and consistent failures. Leading means taking initiative. Leading means starting something, or guiding something. You lead when you first … Read more