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What’s up, I’m Justin. I help guys get what they want with women and dating.

RC1_9190 (3) - 2My clients are working professionals, college students, young men that want casual sex, older men dating again after divorce, guys that want a girlfriend, guys that want a fling, and guys that just want more options with women.

Whatever the specific goals, I use universal principles of sexual attraction to help my guys get the results they want.

The client gets those principles tailored to his unique personality, strengths, weaknesses and objectives.

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Different styles work for different men

What works for a tall, good-looking guy who wants a steady girlfriend is going to be different than what works for a short, average-looking dude who wants some quick sex.

One problem with a lot of experts out there is that they teach a one-size-fits-all system. They expect one method to work for all guys, of all ages, all sizes, all races, lifestyles, personalities, and communication styles.

I realized a long time ago that’s nonsense.

As an introvert, I noticed that a lot of attraction or pickup systems were geared towards extroverts. They encouraged guys to be super gregarious, spend hours in night clubs, and churn through a million approaches while acting like a macho “alpha” male.

I know that style works for some guys. But it wasn’t for me. Not even close.

The introvert/ extrovert distinction was the beginning of my realization that personality matters and each guy needs something different to succeed.Challenges2b

Attraction is the same everywhere, but the way it’s executed varies from man to man and woman to woman.

Natural game or routines?

One common question I hear is if I am more of a “natural” coach or if I teach routines and scripts.

My goal is to work with a guy’s natural strengths and bring out the masculine sexuality and great qualities he already has inside. So in that way, it’s “natural” and not about fake routines.

But to get there, some guys need specific lines or phrases. If necessary, I’ll give a guy something specific to say. But the emphasis is always on him cultivating the ability to have organic, spontaneous interactions with women.

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My teaching method

I’m very results-oriented. Intellectual discussion is great, and personally I find this stuff fascinating. But theory is not action.

A lot of the material you see out there is heavy on theory and “scientific” concepts, but sorely lacking in real-world application.

I focus on action first: actually doing stuff, talking to women, having conversations, getting physical, having relationships.

We actually go out in public and have real experiences talking to women, flirting, connecting with them, getting phone numbers, and going on instant dates.

My theories are based on the real-world experiences I have had, approaching hundreds of women over the last 5 years, and going from knowing nothing about women to having an awesome dating life.

The guys that I work with benefit from my grounded, realistic and pragmatic approach. They get pushed to take action and work on the specific skills they need to improve.Image2b

Real learning happens from actual experience with women–trying things out, succeeding, failing, and trying again. Not from memorizing elaborate routines or in-depth study of scientific journals or some internet dude’s musings about women and society.

I give my guys the conceptual understanding they need to get started and to understand what works and why. From there we take real action to get results.

Long-term coaching, not a weekend “boot camp”

I’ve done 1 and 2-day programs, and they can definitely help. But real attractiveness is improved over time. It takes weeks or months to cultivate new body language habits, new inner beliefs, and new styles of conversation.

Attraction is about human communication, physical movement and emotional reality. It’s not a technical skill that can be learned in a 10 hour seminar one Saturday. It has to be developed and practiced over and over.

For this reason, I pretty much only do long-term programs now. This is the best value for my clients, and the absolute best way for them to improve.

Beyond “game”

I take a holistic, integrated approach to attraction and social skills. We work on specific skills in isolation, but always with an eye to your overall lifestyle and total growth.

Image1Guys benefit from comprehensive improvement in social skills and social intelligence, along with addressing the inner beliefs and attitudes that are holding them back from honest communication with women and expressing their desire as a man.

In other words, this goes beyond just “game.”

It’s not a few lines and tricks to get a girl back to your place. This is about you as a man, maximizing your potential, and becoming the best version of yourself.

At that point, you won’t have to “try” to get a girl back to your place. In fact, you’ll start having too many options.

Honest, Simple, Flexible, Realistic and Holistic – That’s my style

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